Ultimate Angler’s Adventure: 5 Reasons to Book a 60-Hour

Are you ready for an unforgettable fishing experience that’ll leave you with fish tales to last a lifetime? Look no further because we’ve got the ultimate adventure for you! Here are 5 reasons to book a 60-hour, overnight, tuna charter that’s bound to make your fishing dreams come true.

1. BYO Food and Drink – The Ultimate Fishing Feast!  On a 60 hour, you can bring your own food and drinks. Pack a personal cooler no larger than 48 quarts with everything you need to fuel your body for reeling in the big ones. A microwave is available onboard. Don’t forget drinking water!



2. TWO Full Nights to Get Your Limit! Get ready for not one but TWO full nights of thrilling tuna fishing. With a 60-hour trip, you’ll have ample time to maximize your catch. The best opportunity to snag a large yellowfin by casting, using jigs, or chunking, is at night.

3. Pelagic Trolling During the Day – Unleash the Beast! This isn’t your average fishing trip. During the day, our experienced crew will guide you through the art of pelagic trolling. Day trolling provides the opportunity to catch tuna, dorado, wahoo, and even marlin!  

4. Opportunity to Fish Multiple Rigs If Necessary – Adapt and Conquer! When it comes to tuna, you need to be adaptable. A 60 hour trip gives our crew enough time to drive to multiple rigs, ensuring you’re equipped for the best opportunity to catch your limit.

5. Small Group for a Comfortable Experience – It’s Your Ocean Playground! Unlike crowded charters, we intentionally limit the number of anglers on board for a more comfortable and personalized adventure. You’ll have ample space to move around, get one-on-one guidance from the crew, and enjoy an individualized, peaceful fishing experience.

Don’t let this opportunity swim away! Book your 60-hour overnight tuna charter today and experience the thrill. With BYO food and drink, two full nights of fishing, pelagic trolling, the option to fish multiple rigs, and a small, intimate group setting, you’re in for a fishing adventure like no other. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime and brag about your legendary tuna catches. Hurry, spots are filling up fast, so reserve your spot now!


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