Greater Amberjack Season Closes








Texas Greater Amberjack Season May 1—June 1, 2024

Port Aransas, Texas – Texas anglers eagerly anticipate the reopening of Greater Amberjack Season on May 1, 2024, in the Gulf of Mexico. This limited-time opportunity offers fishermen the chance to pursue this species in the federal waters off Port Aransas.

Challenges Faced: Catching Greater Amberjack presents challenges due to their habitat in deep waters far offshore. Anglers require heavy tackle and live bait to entice these powerful predators, known for their aggressive feeding behavior.

Ecosystem Dynamics: Recent changes in the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem have impacted the Amberjack population. The increase in Red Snapper, a natural predator of juvenile Amberjack, may have led to a decline in their numbers. Not to mention, Amberjack tend to share similar structures which leads to the likelihood of catching snapper incidentally. Anglers must navigate these ecosystem changes to optimize their chances of success during Greater Amberjack Season.

Bag & Length Limits: Anglers should be aware of bag and length limits when targeting Greater Amberjack. The daily bag limit is one fish per person, with a minimum length of 34 inches to the fork. There is no maximum length limit, but federal law also regulates that the species must be caught between 9 and 200 nautical miles. Recreational anglers must possess a Texas fishing license with a saltwater endorsement to land fish in state or federal water.

Book a Private Charter: To maximize success during Greater Amberjack Season, anglers should focus on strategic planning. Booking a Private Charter for at least 12 hours, such as the Tica Rica for small groups or The Kingfisher for larger parties, can offer a tailored fishing experience. These trips provide the equipment and expertise necessary to optimize the chances of landing Amberjack. Additionally, considering the season’s closing date on June 1, 2024, at 12:01 am, anglers should plan their trips accordingly to make the most of this limited-time opportunity.

Hop on a Long-Range Trip: A great option for snagging an Amberjack are the long-range expeditions at Deep Sea Headquarters. Trips like the 24 hour trip on May 25th, or the 36-hour scheduled for May 18, 2024 not only provide ample time to pursue Amberjack but also offer opportunities to stock up on Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna. These extended trips allow anglers to venture further offshore, increasing the likelihood of encountering Amberjack while maximizing the catch potential of other prized species.

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance: For everyday anglers seeking a shot at landing Amberjack, the open boat 12-hour trip running every Wednesday out of Deep Sea Headquarters presents an opportunity. However, the reality is that the chance is limited. With a larger number of people on board and the time constraints of a 12-hour trip, the boat can’t venture as far offshore as longer expeditions. While there’s still a possibility of encountering Amberjack, anglers should manage their expectations accordingly and consider longer trips for a better chance at success.